Melinda Rothouse

Melinda Rothouse

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Melinda Rothouse // Creative Executive Coach

Melinda Rothouse helps individuals and organizations tap into their innate creativity for greater productivity and innovation. She’s a creativity, leadership, and career coach certified by the International Coaching Federation, as well as a consultant, educator, and facilitator. Her approach draws on learner-centered education and humanistic psychology. She enjoys close collaborations —characterized by mindfulness and deep listening — with clients to enhance their creativity and develop their confidence.

Her diverse experiences inform Melinda’s work. She is a PhD in psychology with a specialization in creativity studies at Saybrook University, where her research focuses on mindfulness techniques to facilitate organizational creativity and collaboration.  Her work product is equally diverse, ranging from writing, communication, and creativity coaching for creative professionals, academics, executives, and artists to consulting on innovation with digital tools that enhance communication and collaboration for teams and organizations.

Melinda has facilitated workshops, trainings, and panel discussions on creativity and expressive arts, communications, neuroscience/psychology of creativity, entrepreneurship and career management, mindfulness, and storytelling for organizations including the International Coaching Federation, Texas Department of State Health Services, Tech Ranch Austin, St. Edward’s University, Seton Cove, and Americorps/Literacy Austin.

Melinda received her bachelor’s degree from Vassar College and holds master’s degrees from New York University and Indiana University. She is a certified meditation instructor and teacher of contemplative arts and photography, as well as a musician, songwriter, and performer.


Prior to working with Melinda, I was stuck in a rut. Melinda helped me not only identify the actual goals that I really wanted to achieve, but also helped me to realize those goals. Her warm personality, encouragement, and consistent feedback were a catalyst in helping me obtain admission to the prestigious Medill School of Journalism graduate program at Northwestern – on a Knight Foundation scholarship! Without Melinda’s help, NONE of this would have been possible.

— Kulwant Saluja, Journalist, Blogger, and Data Scientist

Melinda facilitated a career transition retreat for my staff as our organization is shutting down. She worked with me to shape the content and make sure that the sessions were relevant and useful for our staff. She led a rowdy and very connected team through some great visioning exercises and helped our staff really build a plan for successful career transitions. I’m very appreciative of Melinda’s coaching and would recommend her for any career development retreat or one on one coaching.

— Mimi Garcia, Texas State Director, Enroll America

Melinda brings an incredibly wide range of experience to her coaching – I appreciated that she has so many deep wells to pull from as we discussed my writing project: religion, spirituality, creativity, music, and the human family.  Her intuition, good cheer, expertise, and faith in the process of writing have opened many doors for me on my current project.

— Charlotte Gullick, Novelist and Chair of the Creative Writing Program at Austin Community College

Creative work by its very nature is usually unorganized, passionate, and messy; navigating the field and managing creative people with professionalism takes thoughtful nurturing not required in other areas of business. The Creative Executive Method ® understands that and helps you provide structure and leadership without disrupting the flow and dynamism that’s key in a creative environment.


I’ve learned much about myself as a leader, how I lead my team effectively and ineffectively. The team response has been positive to the new conversations we are having.

My brain actually thinks differently since I’ve taken The Creative Executive Method ® . The way I operate on a day-to-day basis, the way I speak, and the way I listen have changed for the better. I feel I developed a stronger ability to think more critically when in a direct leadership or management situation. As a result, I’m a more effective producer, a more open-minded manager, and a much more intuitive leader.

Often I am moving too fast and don’t take the time to think about my style, my impact, and my team’s impact. I realized that taking the time to be mindful about the challenges we discussed, in particular around teams, is really important for me and for the success of my business.

If you want a course that takes the blurry edges of your career and pulls them into focus, I recommend The Creative Executive Method ® .

We love working with Lauren. We have used her at our annual retreat for two years now, and each time we have walked away with a clearer, cleaner vision of our firm, ourselves, and where we want to go next. She does a great job setting the tone for the day and keeping everyone on track. Having her facilitate allows the leadership team participate in meaningful discussions alongside everyone else. We couldn’t recommend her more.

I felt really frustrated, having been in advertising for a crazy long time, thinking it was too late to change. But we figured something out. Something great. And now I’m creatively inspired again.

We tasked Jen with helping to coach our Atlanta Sales and Strategy teams on leadership, growth, and representing yourself. She had such amazing energy and kept the team engaged through the new insights and strategies she shared, as well as her interactive approach. The team walked away energized and inspired to take the next steps in driving their careers forward.

The more business we won and the bigger projects we were given, the less control I had of my time. Through working with Jen, I made the time to not only prioritize what I really wanted to accomplish both professionally and personally, but to establish what I expected from my staff. It allowed them to grow and take ownership of tasks and let me get back to working within my skill set. It also let me keep up with some personal goals that had fallen into the background. Jen’s coaching helped Wexley grow by helping me improve my overall productivity.

I found myself thrown into the deep end, having to take charge of a team of 10 overnight. Jen helped me find my footing as a manager and gave me the confidence and skills to grow a successful, motivated team.

Working with Jen has been the best investment of the latter half of my 20-year career. I was stuck in my own narrative, and she helped me see the possibilities in a different, authentic, and valuable way.

I’m infusing more fun, energy, and creativity into team meetings as well as spending more time 1:1 with my team members. We are implementing this change across the company, and I am in the process of working with other executives at the company to do the same with their teams.