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Work Life BETTER We help creative executives be more successful and successful executives be more creative.

Who are Creative Executives?

Creative Executives earn a living using their human capital to create interesting, innovative business solutions. They recognize they have the ability to shape their world through words, design, media, and interaction. They understand the power of their skills, and they push themselves to the top of their game.

A passionate bunch, Creative Executives value the contribution and impact they can make in their worlds. They value partnerships and collaboration because they know creativity isn’t born in a vacuum, and they do their best work when they surround themselves with people who push them to ask better questions and demand more.

Most come to this role by working in creative industries, but there are also many Creative Executives in traditional industries working in innovative, creative ways. They’re compelled to stretch themselves and those on their team to buck the status quo and to be innovative in a time when it matters most. However you identify yourself, know there is a whole world out there of like-minded thinkers and doers that trail blaze just like you.

Creative Executives are the future. Are you ready to define yours?

My brain actually thinks differently since I’ve taken The Creative Executive Method. The way I operate on a day-to-day basis, the way I speak, and the way I listen have changed for the better. I feel I developed a stronger ability to think more critically when in a direct leadership or management situation. As a result, I’m a more effective producer, a more open-minded manager, and a much more intuitive leader.

If you want a course that takes the blurry edges of your career and pulls them into focus, I recommend The Creative Executive Method.

The Creative Executive Method is a six-week gut-check that will allow you to see where you are at and launch you into a more fulfilling, productive, profitable, and balanced universe.

I’m infusing more fun, energy, and creativity into team meetings as well as spending more time 1:1 with my team members. We are implementing this change across the company, and I am in the process of working with other executives at the company to do the same with their teams.

Often I am moving too fast and don’t take the time to think about my style, my impact, and my team’s impact. I realized that taking the time to be mindful about the challenges we discussed, in particular around teams, is really important for me and for the success of my business.


This was my first virtual/online professional development course, and it was awesome. I highly recommend it to any motivated professional who seeks growth and development opportunities.

Creative work by its very nature is usually unorganized, passionate, and messy; navigating the field and managing creative people with professionalism takes thoughtful nurturing not required in other areas of business. The Creative Executive Method understands that and helps you provide structure and leadership without disrupting the flow and dynamism that’s key in a creative environment.


I’ve learned much about myself as a leader, how I lead my team effectively and ineffectively. The team response has been positive to the new conversations we are having.

I’m more present and available to the team, focused more on my clients and further building our relationships and helping alleviate team burnout as a part of my continual process of leading and managing.

Taking The Creative Executive Method course has given me some real clarity about what my priorities are, where my balance is, and what my vision is for my business, my work, and my life over the next few years. I’m excited about the future and have set goals toward that vision as well as the steps to actually achieve those goals.

Through The Creative Executive Method, I have learned to identify my leadership style and how to work with others who have a different style than mine. I’ve set goals about the type of leader I want to continue to be versus defaulting to my habitual way of doing things, and I am seeing the good in differences, not just challenges.

Some of the greatest value comes from hearing the input and observations from other participants. Sharing thoughts around common themes often lead to the greatest insights.

Through the course I created a path to being a better leader, strengthened my relationships with others, and overall grew in my career and life. I’ve garnered insights around creativity, best leaders, setting and achieving goals, and my legacy.


I can be a rogue worker at times, and The CE Method has helped me focus more on team work as well as have more respect for the team, in general.


I loved the interactivity. Hearing how others articulate their insights, their approaches, their experiences, led to so many of my own insights.

As a result of The CE Method, I’m better at breaking down goals and tasks into smaller, manageable pieces. I’m looking ahead and being more strategic with my time.


In addition to great content, The CE Method helps build a peer network to reflect on the challenges of the modern executive.

I want more.

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